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Demented, supremely English, electro-pop with more than a hint of music hall and avant-garde influences, Um has recently been championed by rising stars, Hot Chip.

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um - pete gregory at home with his bad self (cdr)

Part Bowie, part Baby Bird, part 23rd Century court jester on a George Formby tip, Um's 'Pete Gregory Alone With His Bad Self' is a supremely eclectic and inspired collection of random thoughts, fully formed songs and demented electronic instrumentals.

Be afraid, the future of DIY singer-songwriter electronica is among us.


1. Hey Erica (0.55)
2. The Obvious Disease (2.34)
3. Face Of A Degenerate (1.57)
4. Everyone's Got A Bit Of Latin In Them (2.09)
5. The World Has Gone White (Enigma Mix) (1.24)
6. Foreigner (2.20)
7. I Ran Out Of Fuel (2.13)
8. Newspaper (1.38)
9. Little Stuff (1.17)
10. Kold Sun (3.57)
11. My Beautiful Slow Caking Liver (3.18)
12. Godalming (2.26)
13. I Never Feel Quite Right (1.52)
14. Old Wounds (2.49)
15. Nx (1.27)
16. Every Night Ends Like This (2.18)


All songs Pete Gregory

"With thanks to the good people of Cambridge & British Taxpayers everywhere"

Copyright Peter Gregory 2001

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From pete gregory at home... (cdr)