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Please help keep vinyl alive. The utmost care is taken to make each Trome record an object of beauty through high quality vinyl and artwork. We hope that this will help ensure the relevance of physical releases in the face of digital files.

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Small Town Boredom - Notes From The Infirmary (CD)

Small Town Boredom return with more outsider pop / lo-fi slow-core / understated genius in the form of their second long-player Notes From The Infirmary. Returning to the beautifully melancholic instrumentation and heavy-hearted vocals found on debut Autumn Might Have Hope, this recording captures a further development of the band's aesthetic. Whereas the first album offered blurred, whiskey-soaked melancholic warmth, Notes From The Infirmary, recorded during imposed sobriety, is galvanized by a sharper focus, being in places more edgy and embittered but sounding like the reinvigorated beauty of a new day.

If Autumn Might Have Hope was best played whilst drinking alone at night, then Notes From The Infirmary should accompany you during the morning after. We urge you to buy both records and try it.


Song For Mathew Leonard (6.11)
White Cart Water (3.07)
Black Cart Ways (5.17)
Void Lighting (4.18)
World's Most Unwanted (6.27)
Moments For Denial (5.00)


All tracks written by Fraser McGowan and Colin Morrison.
Performed by Fraser McGowan, Colin Morrison, Richard Kengen & Bartholomew Owl.
Recorded by Fraser McGowan, Jonnie Common & Alex Fenton.
Mastered by Paul Goodwin.
Post Mastering by Mark Beazley.
Cover artwork by Heidi Kuisma, layout & design by Jonnie Common.
Thank you: Chris Gowers, Euan McMeeken, Patrick Porter, Stevie Kearney, Alex Fenton, Paul Goodwin, Jon Attwood, Mark Beazley, Jason Perrins, Fraser Reid, Heidi Kuisma, Eagleowl & Jonnie Common.



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