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Tony Harn

English guitarist Tony Harn blends elements of Jazz, Progressive and Ambient styles to create a uniquely atmospheric and rhythmically sophisticated music.

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tony harn - revealed in black and white (cdr)

Revealed In Black And White is the fourth solo album from Tony Harn and contains seven tracks including the 15 minute epic acoustic title track. Displaying hints of Pat Metheny and Andy Summers as well as more traditional Progressive Rock influences such as Steve Hackett, Andy Latimer and Alex Lifeson, this is Tony Harn's most accomplished work to date.

With a running time of over sixty minutes, the seven pieces shift in mood and texture, combining washes of layered guitars with keyboard atmospherics and memorable melodies. Soloing is kept to a minimum, with the emphasis placed firmly on setting up atmospheres, moods, grooves and tunes. Tony appeared on the Tim Bowness/Samuel Smiles album "World Of Bright Futures", contributing to the track "Red Eye Removal".


1. Talk At The Cafe Upstairs (5.24)
2. Beatrice Dalle Take Me To The Moon (10.49)
3. With Open Arms (10.24)
4. Revealed In Black & White (15.14)
5. Hurdles (15.32)
6. Extravagance In Blue (6.40)
7. The Talking Is Over (2.51)


Sleeve photography by Tracy Shaw.
Sleeve layout by Jonathan Brooks.


All sounds by Tony Harn. Recorded between 2001 and 2006.



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