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Tears in X-Ray Eyes

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tears in x-ray eyes - half-life (cd)

Tears In X-Ray Eyes is the brainchild of singer/songwriter/producer/multi-instrumentalist and Ben Christophers collaborator Tim Closs and succeeds in bringing a much-needed intelligence, compassion and humour back to pop music. With a unique sound which has been described as "hauntingly glamorous? the sort of thing you?d hear round Massive Attack?s house on Christmas Day" (playlouder.com) the band continues to carve out a niche somewhere very left of centre.

The first two white-vinyl-only singles prompted NME to write "lovelorn lyrical sharpness not heard since Morrissey took a sharp right-turn into irrelevancy".

This debut album of followed at the start of 2002, bringing with it a clutch of rave reviews ("a work of pure genius? buy a copy not only for yourself but for everyone you?ve ever loved" (What?s On), "a beguiling mix of Mercury Rev, Cocteau Twins and The Pet Shop Boys? highly original" (TimeOut)).

Sessions on Radio 1 and BBC 6 Music followed, and while the band continued to release a series of EPs, "Half-Life" remains a gem waiting to be discovered. Packaged as a 6-side digipack CD.

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1. Nature's Valentines
2. Stained Glass
3. Half-Life
4. Open Wide
5. Don't Crush The One You Love
6. London's Most Unwanted Child
7. Independence Day
8. Keep Us Together
9. Wish The World Away
10. Love Me For Five Minutes


tears in x-ray eyes is tim closs.

cameron miller played bass on 2,3,5,8 and 10.
anthony miller played drums on 2,3 and 8.



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