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Tears in X-Ray Eyes

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tears in x-ray eyes - the way we live now (cd)

This is an incredibly well-produced, quirky album of spiralling indie grooves and the second album from Tim Closs. An ambitious mix of electronica, guitars, strings and orchestral percussion fuse over 10 twisted tracks, in equal parts melancholy and optimistic, they all resonate with a longing for the imagined tranquility of a bygone age. - Clash Magazine

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tears in x-ray eyes - my strange love (cd ep)

Released in August 2002, this 4-track EP develops the original TIXRE sound, mixing creaky synths with orchestral strings and percussion. NME wrote "if robots ever fell in love it would sound like this". Packaged as a 4-side digipack CD.

tears in x-ray eyes - half-life (cd)

Tears In X-Ray Eyes is the brainchild of singer/songwriter/producer/multi-instrumentalist and Ben Christophers collaborator Tim Closs and succeeds in bringing a much-needed intelligence, compassion and humour back to pop music. With a unique sound which has been described as "hauntingly glamorous? the sort of thing you?d hear round Massive Attack?s house on Christmas Day" (playlouder.com) the band continues to carve out a niche somewhere very left of centre.

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tears in x-ray eyes - sleep like a dream (cd ep)

Released April 14th 2003. NME wrote "Tears In X-Ray Eyes is but one man - Tim Closs - but with his breezy gift for modest, multi-layered excellence, he's a tiny pop empire." Playlisted at Xfm for 4 weeks, this is probably the band's best collection of songs to date. Packaged as a 4-side digipack CD.

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