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Tim Bowness

Tim Bowness is primarily known as vocalist/co-writer with the band No-Man, a long-running collaboration with Porcupine Tree's Steven Wilson.

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Postcards From Space - Factory Days (mp4 download)

Sounding like Darkroom's acid-soaked older brother, Factory Days is a 25 minute improvised piece.

Recorded live during a support to The Durutti Column in June 2006, this marked the first time Tim Bowness (vocals, vocal loops), Alistair Murphy (organ, analogue synth) and Andy Butler (guitar, guitar loops) had played together.

Organ drones, cosmic synths and treated guitar solos abound. Echoes of early Pink Floyd and Ashra creep into a digital-age loop experience, and an England football megaphone is put to use outside of shouting, "Come on, Crouchy!"

The title comes from an after show comment when a drunken member of the audience approached Tim and said, "Vini, you were great man. I haven't seen you since your Factory days."

Mistaken identity has rarely been so mistaken.

File Size: 25.5 MB.


Factory Days (25.01)


Tim Bowness - Vocals, Vocal Loops, Rooney's Megaphone Of Destiny
Alistair Murphy - Organ, Analogue Synth
Andy Butler - Guitar, Guitar Loops



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