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Thomas Dolby

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Thomas Dolby - The Golden Age Of Wireless / Live Wireless (cd / dvd)

A reissue of Thomas Dolby's exceptional debut release from 1982 featuring all the tracks from the UK and US versions of the album.

Including the hit She Blinded Me With Science, the album also contains such heartbreaking highlights as Flying North, Weightless and the epic Cloudburst At Shingle Street.

Re-mastered with new sleeve notes and extra tracks, this edition comes with the dvd Live Wireless (chronicling the 1983 Golden Age Of Wireless tour).

The dvd is ntsc region 0 and should play on most dvd players worldwide.


The Golden Age Of Wireless cd:

1. Flying North 3:50
2. Commercial Breakup 4:18
3. Weightless 3:49
4. Europa and the Pirate Twins 3:19
5. Windpower 4:20
6. The Wreck of the Fairchild 3:29
7. Airwaves 5:19
8. Radio Silence 3:51
9. Cloudburst at Shingle Street 5:46

10. One of Our Submarines (bonus track) 5:11
11. She Blinded Me with Science 3:42
12. Radio Silence (Guitar Version) (bonus track) 4:52
13. Urges (bonus track) 3:39
14. Leipzig (bonus track) 3:53
15. Urban Tribal (bonus track) 3:45
16. Therapy/Growth (Demo) (bonus track) 4:05
17. Airwaves (Demo) (bonus track) 5:20
18. Sale of the Century (Demo) (original version of "The Wreck of the Fairchild" with lyrics) 2:52
19. Pedestrian Walkway (Demo) (bonus track) 1:27

Live Wireless dvd:

1. Intro
2. Europa And The Pirate Twins
3. Windpower
4. One Of Our Submarines
5. Radio Silence
6. New Toy
7. Urban Tribal
8. Flying North
9. Jungle Line
10. Puppet Theatre
11. Samson and Delilah
12. She Blinded Me With Science
13. Airwaves



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