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Thomas Dolby - A Map Of The Floating City (cd)

Thomas Dolby has broken a 20-year silence with the glorious A Map Of The Floating City.

The album, featuring appearances by special guests Mark Knopfler, Regina Spektor, Natalie MacMaster, Eddi Reader, Bruce Woolley and Imogen Heap.

After a productive period in Silicon Valley with his company Beatnik Inc, Dolby has returned to the UK recording new material in his renewable energy-powered studio built aboard a 1930s lifeboat in the garden of his beach house on England's North Sea coast.

Dolby says, "The songs are organic and very personal. The album is a travelogue across three imaginary continents: In Amerikana I'm reflecting with affection on the years I spent living in the US, and my fascination with its roots music. Urbanoia is a dark place, a little unsettling. I'm not a city person. And in Oceanea I return to my natural home on the windswept coastline."

The standard cd is presented in a jewel case with a 16 page booklet.

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1) Nothing New Under The Sun
2) Spice Train
3) Evil Twin Brother
4) Jealous Thing Called Love


5) Road To Reno
6) The Toad Lickers
7) 17 Hills
8) Love Is A Loaded Pistol


9) Oceanea
10) Simone
11) To The Lifeboats


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