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The Rotted - Get Dead Or Die Trying'CD + Logo keyring Package deal (CD + Keyring)

Album package deal. 'Get Dead Or Die Trying' album + logo keyring


1."Nothin' but a Nosebleed" ? 2:54
2."The Howling" ? 2:54
3."A Return to Insolence" ? 3:41
4."Kissing You with My Fists" ? 2:56
5."Angel of Meth" ? 3:17
6."A Brief Moment of Regret" ? 2:38
7."The Body Tree" ? 3:42
8."Get Dead or Die Trying" ? 2:37
9."It's Like There's a Party in My Mouth (and Everyone's Being Sick)" ? 3:05
10."Fear and Loathing in Old London Town" ? 3:56
11."28 Days Later" ? 6:41


Recorded at Parlour Studio and Pimp Towers with Russ Russell and James Dunkley
Artwork by Mick Kenney



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