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Guest Appearances

porcupine tree - the sky moves sideways remastered edition (digibook cd)

PT's 1995 album is regarded by many fans as one of the band's most crafted and melodic Progressive Rock orientated releases.

Awash with melancholic vocals, liquid solos, spacious textures and dynamic instrumental passages, this special edition has been expanded to include an extra disc of rarities.

New edition on Kscope deluxe Digibook format. (N.B. The content is the same as the previous digipack and super jewel case editions. However, the packaging has changed).

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Stefano Panunzi - A Rose (cd)

Fjieri member Stefano Pununzi's second solo album from 2009 was a sublime mixture of exotic ballads, rich textures and Art Rock adventurism.

Features Mick Karn, Tim Bowness, Thomas Leer, Giancarlo Erra, Robbie Aceto, Sandra O'Neil, Theo Travis and Markus Reuter.

a marble calm - surfacing (cd)

A loose collective centred around the nucleus of Peter Chilvers and reclusive marimba/vibraphone virtuoso Jon Hart, A Marble Calm's debut release is an ambitious collection combining textural instrumentals and drifting songscapes. Featuring Burning Shed regulars Tim Bowness, Sandra O'Neill and Theo Travis and clocking in at 74 minutes long, the album distinctively blends influences from Contemporary Classical (Gorecki/Prt), ECM Jazz, Sigur Rs and the ambient songwriting of Sylvian, Eno and No-Man.

"Sandra O'Neill's singing on Gillian Welch's "I Dream a Highway" is heart-meltingly beautiful. I think this song deserves a new category - something like 'future country'. More, soon, please!" - Brian Eno

a marble calm - submerging flutes

An alternative version of the final track from ?Surfacing? with Theo Travis on Flutes joining the core duo of Peter Chilvers and Jon Hart.

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bass communion - ghosts on magnetic tape (double cd)

Back in print, and now in its fourth pressing "Ghosts on Magnetic Tape" remains the best selling Bass Communion release, and is rated by some people (including SW himself) to be one of his best albums, becoming quietly influential in the experimental music scene. Ghosts is a 5 part suite of dark organic textural music, using intricately manipulated recordings of acoustic instruments and the now familiar Bass Communion trademark ghostly crackle of old vinyl records. Inspired by Electronic Voice Phenomena recordings, the album has a spectral and eerie quality. As with the previous edition the main album is augmented with a second CD containing a full length reinterpretation by Andrew Liles that takes the original into even more creepy realms. Comes in a beautiful thick card Japanese mini LP gatefold sleeve.

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jansen / takahashi - pulse remix (cd)

A collection of remixes based on tracks from Jansen and Takahashi's Pulse album, including contributions from 4 Hero, Spacer, DJ Spooky, Reflection, Fantastic Plastic Machine, and Steve Jansen himself.

no-man - returning jesus (cd)

No-Man's fourth album, released in 2001, was the band's most ambitious statement to date and featured a more organic band sound than had been heard on previous releases.

Includes performances by Steve Jansen (drums) and Colin Edwin (bass/double bass) on most tracks.

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no-man - Schoolyard Ghosts (CD/DVDA)

Schoolyard Ghosts sees No-Man's core duo of Tim Bowness and Steven Wilson creating a distinctive combination of haunting melodies and cinematic production. The cd/dvda features a 5.1 mix, a photo gallery and videos for 3 songs.

'One breathtaking song after another.' - 5/5 AllMusic

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steve jansen - slope (cd)

Following his work as part of the acclaimed band Nine Horses, with David Sylvian and Burnt Friedman, Steve Jansen releases his debut solo album, 'Slope'.

Exhibiting a bold combination of inventive rythms, intricate programming and emotive vocal performances, the album features guest contributions from an impressive line-up including Tim Elsenburg (Sweet Billy Pilgrim), Thomas Feiner, Anja Garbarek, Nina Kinert, David Sylvian, Theo Travis and Joan Wasser (Joan As Policewoman).

The CD is presented in a beautiful digipak designed by Chris Bigg.

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