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theo travis's double talk - ascending : live at the pizza express (mp3 download)

Recorded on 18 June 2008 at the Pizza Express, Dean St, London, W1, Ascending provides a powerful and evocative snapshot of one of Britain's finest Modern Jazz quartets at work.

Ascending was mixed by Roy Dodds and mastered by the legendary Denis Blackham of Skye Mastering.

The track See Emily Play can be previewed at myspace.com/theotravis/

travis & fripp - thread

Recorded at DGM Soundworld by David Singleton, with subsequent editing, mixing and mastering by Steven Wilson, Thread - from 2008 -comprises nine improvised pieces by Theo Travis and Robert Fripp .

This unique and almost inevitable collaboration yielded a beautiful sequence of recordings that artfully avoided the cliches routinely associated with ambient and improv, while wholly encompassing the core elements of both forms of music.

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theo travis - double talk

'Double Talk' is the eighth solo release by renowned British saxophonist, flautist, composer and improviser, Theo Travis.

Featuring a dynamic new band and special guest Robert Fripp, the music is a highly contemporary evocation of the experimental Progressive, Jazz and Psychedelic music Travis was influenced by in his formative years.

The album also features a unique Travis take on the Pink Floyd classic, See Emily Play.

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Theo Travis/Robert Fripp - theo and robert improv 1 (free mp3 download)

A uniquely atmospheric fusion of Theo Travis's looped flute and Robert Fripp's trademark Soundscapes, this free download is one of a series of improvisations recorded by the duo at DGM SoundWorld in January 2007. An ideal taster for Theo Travis's forthcoming album, Double Talk.

This track appears under the new title 'Land Beyond The Forest' on duo's album 'Thread' (available from Burning Shed).

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theo travis - earth to ether

Earth to Ether is British saxophonist/flautist/ composer Theo Travis's sixth album for the 33 Records label and features Theo's regular touring band, including pianist Simon Colam (recently performing with Trilok Gurtu and touring with Mercury nominee Ty), bassist Andy Hamill (Mark Murphy, Carleen Anderson, 4 Hero), and drummer Marc Parnell (Francis Dunnery, Jethro Tull, Damien Rice, Trevor Watts)

Special guest on the CD is ex-Caravan/Hatfield & The North singer and guitarist Richard Sinclair, one of the most unique talents of the 1970s English progressive/Canterbury music scene. The album was mixed by Steven Wilson at No Man's Land.

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theo travis - heart of the sun

Heart of the Sun is the fourth album for 33 Records by British saxophonist/flautist/composer Theo Travis and features an international line-up including legendary Danish trumpeter Palle Mikkelborg, Australian guitarist Daevid Allen, and top German rhythm section Stefan Weeke (bass) and Bjorn Lucker (drums). The album was co-produced and mixed by Steven Wilson.

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theo travis - slow life

Occupying a territory between the Minimalist excursions of Steve Reich and the loop innovations of Fripp and Eno, 'Slow Life' is one of the most consistently challenging and ethereal albums of Theo Travis' multi-faceted career.

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