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The Lost Levels

Boasting a unique fusion of Progressive, Electronica and Indie Pop influences, UK-based The Lost Levels have been described as 'Pink Floyd for the Nintendo generation'.

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The Lost Levels - Beaten Up E.P. (Vinyl)

This is a very limited 12" (250 copies only) release featuring 4 remixes/re-imaginings of "Endboss" and "Early Sheets" from the debut E.P. by The Lost Levels.

Remixes of "Early Sheets" by Death Metal Disco Scene and Nightfacilities and re-imaginings of "Endboss" by Tommy Tempa and Mancini and The Creepers

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Side 1

1. "Early Sheets" Death Metal Disco Scene (5.12)
2. "Early Sheets" Nightfacilities (4.18)

Side 2

3. "Endboss" Tommy Tempa (3.14)
2. "Endboss" Mancini and The Creepers (3.14)


1. D Billings/The Lost Levels
2. B.Ewels/The Lost Levels
3. T.Fisher/The Lost Levels
4. T.Fisher/The Lost Levels


* Death Metal Disco Scene has previously remixed Lilly Allen (The Fear) and the last 2 Verve singles
* Nightfacilities is the remix alter-ego of Louis La Roche. Louis La Roche set the music blogs alight last year after his remix of a Daft Punk tune caused a lot of rumour-mongering among the French electro act's fans.
* Tommy Tempa is signed to Son Records/2600 Recordings and has had his Flying Lotus style beats featured on releases by DPF and Def Tex among others
* Mancini and the Creepers are a new trio consisting of Mancini (the metal moth) and The Creepers (Mr Laws and Tommy Tempa) purveyors of "futuristic soul, space highway stuff".



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