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Terry Stamp

Former leader of the legendary Third World War, Terry Stamp's unique, creatively image-laden, music is worthy of comparison with the more poetic adventures of the mighty likes of Van Morrison, Tim Buckley, Bob Dylan and Tom Waits.

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terry stamp - howling for the highway home (cd)

Terry Stamp followed his acclaimed Burning Shed debut 'Bootlace Johnnie and the Ninety-Nines' (Uncut's 'Americana Album Of The Month' and Daily Mirror's 'Album Of The Week') with 'Howling for the Highway Home', which featured twelve evocative narrative-driven songs from the former leader of 1970s cult band Third World War (TWW).

Along with covers and name-checks from Marc Almond and Paul Weller and an article in Classic Rock, 'Howling for the Highway Home' was yet another strong addition to the growing reputation of this underrated and influential singer-songwriter.

terry stamp - bootlace johnnie and the ninety-nines (cd)

Intense, poetic, earthy and emotive, the astonishing 'Bootlace Johnnie and the Ninety-Nines' contained the first new recordings for nearly 30 years of songs by Terry Stamp and Jim Avery (the songwriters at the heart of uncompromisingly political 1970s cult band Third World War).

Sensitively guided by the inventive production and playing of Alistair Murphy, 'Bootlace Johnnie' was a potent reminder of Terry Stamp's highly individual voice and lyrical style.

Occasionally recalling the likes of Tom Waits, Kevin Coyne and Van Morrison, Stamp's songs carve a highly distinctive path of their own.



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