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Steven Wilson

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Bass Communion - Ghosts On Magnetic Tape (cd)

Now in its fifth pressing, Ghosts On Magnetic Tape remains the best selling Bass Communion release, and is rated by some people (including SW himself) to be one of his best albums, becoming quietly influential in the experimental music scene.

Ghosts is a 5 part suite of dark organic textural music, using intricately manipulated recordings of acoustic instruments and the now familiar Bass Communion trademark ghostly crackle of old vinyl records. Inspired by Electronic Voice Phenomena recordings, the album has a spectral and eerie quality.

Mid-price single CD version, now in a digipak.


1. Ghosts On Magnetic Tape I (12.41)
2. Ghosts On Magnetic Tape II (07.37)
3. Ghosts On Magnetic Tape III (10.12)
4. Ghosts On Magnetic Tape IV (08.43)
5. Ghosts On Magnetic Tape V (19.13)


design and photography by carl glover for aleph


created by steven wilson at no-man's land may-aug 2003
flutes on part 5 played by theo travis
additional sample material provided by jonathan coleclough



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