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Steven Wilson

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Steven Wilson - Insurgentes (Digibook CD/DVDA)

The KScope retail edition of Insurgentes consists of a 2 disc set in a rigid hardback digibook with 36 page booklet. Disc one is the already acclaimed 10 track album on stereo CD, and disc two is a DVDA containing the album in higher resolution 24 bit stereo and 5.1 surround sound (in high res DVDA and DTS version compatible with any DVD player), an 18 minute extract from 'Insurgentes' film, and 2 album trailers.

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1. Harmony Korine (5.08)
2. Abandoner (4.48)
3. Salvaging (8.17)
4. Veneno Paral Las Hadas (5.57)
5. No Twilight Within the Courts of the Sun (8.37)
6. Significant Other (4.31)
7. Only Child (4.24)
8. Twilight Coda (3.25)
9. Get All You Deserve (6.17)
10. Insurgentes (3.55)

The DVD disc features:

For DVD-Audio players only
Advanced Resolution 5.1 of Insurgentes (24/48 resolution)
Advanced Resolution stereo of Insurgentes (24/48 resolution)

For DVD-Audio



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