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Steven Wilson

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Steven Wilson - Catalogue/Preserve/Amass (vinyl)

Following the release of his second solo album Grace for Drowning, Steven Wilson embarked on his first ever solo tour.

Utilising a virtuoso band, featuring Marco Minnemann (drums), Nick Beggs (bass), Theo Travis (flute and sax), Adam Holzman (keys) and Aziz Ibrahim (guitars), Wilson subjected his music to imaginative makeovers which provided a platform for some superb playing and band interaction.

Catalogue/Preserve/Amass is a collection of live recordings taken from the first European leg of SW's tour.

This is the limited vinyl edition of the album.

Limited copies - only one copy per person

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Side 1:

1) Index (5:15)
2) Deform To Form A Star (8:25)
3) No Part Of Me (5:50)

Side 2:

1) Raider II (23:35)



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