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Bass Communion

bass communion - loss (cd/dvd-a)

The latest album by SW's ambient / drone project Bass Communion is a 2 disc set containing both stereo CD and 5.1 / high resolution stereo DVDA. Packaged in a beautiful thick card gatefold sleeve, with an additional 8 page booklet. A dark and spectral 40 minute work.

Bass Communion - Ghosts On Magnetic Tape (cd)

Now in its fifth pressing, Ghosts On Magnetic Tape remains the best selling Bass Communion release, and is rated by some people (including SW himself) to be one of his best albums, becoming quietly influential in the experimental music scene.

Mid-price single CD version, now in a digipak.

Bass Communion - Cenotaph (double vinyl)

A limited double vinyl edition on 180 gm black vinyl of the ninth Bass Communion album.

Containing four 20 minute pieces of brooding and ominous drone, propelled by low heartbeat pulses.

Housed in a gatefold picture sleeve, the vinyl mixes are exclusive and differ from those on the cd version.

As heard as pre-show music on the SW Grace For Drowning tour.

Bass Communion - Cenotaph (CD)

The ninth Bass Communion album contains four 20 minute pieces of brooding and ominous drone, propelled by low heartbeat pulses.

As heard as pre-show music on the SW Grace For Drowning tour.

Bass Communion / Pig - Live in Mexico

Beautifully recorded within the natural ambience of Laboratorio de Arte Alameda in Mexico City on 27th Feb 2008, this is a collaboration between Steven Wilson on guitar/laptop, and the noise / improv group PIG. Originally released on vinyl only by Important Records in 2008.

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Bass Communion - molotov and haze (double vinyl)

Limited edition double album on 180 grams black vinyl in gatefold picture sleeve.

Please note that this version does NOT contain the bonus 10inch Haze Shrapnel.

bass communion - molotov and haze (cd)

The brand new 2008 CD by Bass Communion features 4 layered guitar drone pieces, 2 noisy and 2 transcendently beautiful. Aquarius Records say "..expansive and delicate crystalline soundscapes, minimal and hushed, deep and resonant, deep tones, layered low end, all deftly assembled into a mysterious otherworldly droneworld. Instead of hushed and whispery, the opener here is caustic and crumbling, a field of ragged, distorted, blown out tones, a layered expanse of grinding buzz, but beneath it, angelic melodies shimmer and hum, transforming the track into something subtly beautiful, a sprawling prickly sonic squall wrapped around a dreamlike core."

bass communion - ghosts on magnetic tape (double vinyl)

180 gram heavyweight double vinyl edition of this acclaimed dark and brooding SW solo recording. Black vinyl, housed in a lavish gatefold sleeve. Also includes a previously unavailable 16-minute piece on Side 4.

bass communion - II (double vinyl)

Deluxe 180 gram heavyweight double black vinyl edition of the second Bass Communion album, with exclusive music on Side 4. The second BC album was issued in 1999 in a stunning Carl Glover cover design, now in all it's glory as a beautiful gatefold sleeve.

The music collects the six tracks from the original 1999 CD release, plus exclusive bonus tracks Wide Open Killingfeld parts 2 and 3.

Bass Communion - BASS COMMUNION - II+III (2CD mini gatefold sleeve)

Remastered 2 CD reissue of Bass Communion II with the long unavailable Bass Communion III (previously only available as a CDR) on the second disc. Comes in Japanese style thick card gatefold mini LP sleeve.

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bass communion - bass communion 1 (cd)

Bass Communion is the name SW gives to recordings he has been making since 1994 in an ambient and/or electronic vein. Most of the pieces are experiments in texture and are generated from processing recordings of real instrumental performances. This is the first CD from 1998 including a 25 minute piece based on Robert Fripp's soundscapes and comes in a jewel case.

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