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IEM - Untitled (Complete IEM)

Untitled, is a remastered reissue of all the music recorded by Steven Wilson in his IEM guise between 1996-2001.

The set (available in both high quality mp3 and Flac formats) comes with downloadable artwork and includes the 3 official IEM albums, the Escalator to Christmas 12" single, and bonus material included on previous reissues.

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IEM - Have Come For Your Children

Dating from 2001, this was the final release from Steven Wilson's fine purveyors of Krautrock-esque experimentation.

Available in mp3 and Flac format.

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IEM - Arcadia Son

IEM's second album, from 2001, took the experiments of the band's debut to even more uncharted kosmiche terrain.

Available in mp3 and Flac formats.

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IEM's 1996 debut release available in mp3 and Flac formats.

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IEM - An Escalator To Christmas

IEM's 1999 EP released in mp3 and Flac formats.

Expanded to include IEM bonus material from various reissues.

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