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Steven Wilson Vinyl

Steven Wilson - Transience (double vinyl)

A vinyl only release featuring songs recorded between 2003-2015. A personally curated introduction to the more accessible side of Steven Wilson's monumental solo output.

The album comes with a download code.

100 copies of the album were signed by Steven Wilson. and sent randomly across all of the preorders - please note that the signed copies have now all gone

Steven Wilson - Cover Version (double vinyl)

Cover Version, the album, collects all the material issued on the limited edition Cover Version singles series released between 2003-2010.

The 12 tracks comprise 6 Steven Wilson originals and 6 covers and provide an essential insight into both Wilson's musical taste and his evolution as a solo artist.

Pressed on double heavyweight (180g) vinyl, the gatefold artwork has been 'remixed' from the CV CD box design by Carl Glover.

Steven Wilson - Hand. Cannot. Erase. (double vinyl)

'Hand. Cannot. Erase.' is the fourth studio album from Steven Wilson.

Double Heavyweight Vinyl Version. A download card will be enclosed with a unique code for FLAC and mp3 versions of the album.

Steven Wilson - The Raven That Refused To Sing (double vinyl)

Steven Wilson's supremely ambitious third album The Raven That Refused To Sing (And Other Stories) was written between January and July 2012 and recorded in Los Angeles in September.

This vinyl edition of the album is pressed on 180gm heavyweight vinyl and is packaged a gatefold sleeve with printed inners.

Steven Wilson - Grace For Drowning - double vinyl edition (double vinyl)

This edition of the second solo album from Steven Wilson features both 'albums' on heavyweight (180gm) vinyl in a gatefold sleeve.

Steven Wilson - Catalogue/Preserve/Amass (vinyl)

Following the release of his second solo album Grace for Drowning, Steven Wilson embarked on his first ever solo tour.

Utilising a virtuoso band, featuring Marco Minnemann (drums), Nick Beggs (bass), Theo Travis (flute and sax), Adam Holzman (keys) and Aziz Ibrahim (guitars), Wilson subjected his music to imaginative makeovers which provided a platform for some superb playing and band interaction.

Catalogue/Preserve/Amass is a collection of live recordings taken from the first European leg of SW's tour.

This is the limited vinyl edition of the album.

Limited copies - only one copy per person

Out of stock.

Bass Communion - Cenotaph (double vinyl)

A limited double vinyl edition on 180 gm black vinyl of the ninth Bass Communion album.

Containing four 20 minute pieces of brooding and ominous drone, propelled by low heartbeat pulses.

Housed in a gatefold picture sleeve, the vinyl mixes are exclusive and differ from those on the cd version.

As heard as pre-show music on the SW Grace For Drowning tour.

Steven Wilson - Insurgentes - vinyl edition (Double Vinyl)

The debut solo album from Steven Wilson on double heavyweight (180g) vinyl in a gatefold sleeve.

Features 4 bonus tracks not available on the CD/DVD edition.

Bass Communion - molotov and haze (double vinyl)

Limited edition double album on 180 grams black vinyl in gatefold picture sleeve.

Please note that this version does NOT contain the bonus 10inch Haze Shrapnel.

bass communion - ghosts on magnetic tape (double vinyl)

180 gram heavyweight double vinyl edition of this acclaimed dark and brooding SW solo recording. Black vinyl, housed in a lavish gatefold sleeve. Also includes a previously unavailable 16-minute piece on Side 4.

bass communion - II (double vinyl)

Deluxe 180 gram heavyweight double black vinyl edition of the second Bass Communion album, with exclusive music on Side 4. The second BC album was issued in 1999 in a stunning Carl Glover cover design, now in all it's glory as a beautiful gatefold sleeve.

The music collects the six tracks from the original 1999 CD release, plus exclusive bonus tracks Wide Open Killingfeld parts 2 and 3.

no-man - speak (black vinyl)

Deluxe 180 gram heavyweight black vinyl edition in a lavish gatefold sleeve. Considered by Steven and Tim to be one of their finest works, the tracks date from the very earliest years of the band (1988-89), but were subject to re-recording and re-mixing in 1999.

Please note that this does not include the bonus 12 inch that was available with the marbled vinyl edition (no longer available.)

No-Man - Schoolyard Ghosts (Kscope Double Vinyl)

The second release on the Kscope label, No-Man's sixth official studio album Schoolyard Ghosts generated some of the best press and sales of the band's career.

A 2015 Kscope label reissue, this 180g double LP edition, in gatefold cover, is re-mastered by Steven Wilson and includes a fourth side featuring 3 bonus tracks.

No-Man - Together We're Stranger (Kscope Double Vinyl)

No-Man's fifth official studio album Together We're Stranger is one of the band's most ambitious and personal releases.

A 2015 Kscope label reissue, this 180g double LP edition, in gatefold cover, is re-mastered by Steven Wilson and features 2 bonus tracks.



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