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Steve Jansen & Richard Barbieri - Stone To Flesh (cd)

Originally released in 1995, taking in elements of epic Art Rock and Ambient atmospherics, 'Stone To Flesh' comprises a diverse collection of pieces that vary from the dynamic to the hauntingly meditative.

Featuring guest performances from Porcupine Tree's Steven Wilson and Colin Edwin, and harmonica great, Mark Feltham (Talk Talk, The The etc).

2015 Kscope label digipak CD version with bonus track.


1. Mother London [8:55]
2. Sleepers Awake [9:14]
3. Ringing The Bell Backwards: Part 1 - Siren; Part 2 - Drift [9:42]
4. Swim There [8:06]
5. Closer Than 'i' [7:13]
6. Everything Ends In Darkness [7:17]
7. Map Of Falling [7:33] (Bonus Track)



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