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Steve Jansen Downloads

Steve Jansen - Exit North

Exit North is the first release via Steve Jansen's exclusive download store.

A fourteen and a half minute instrumental combining electro-atmospherics, plaintive piano and Jansen's inimitable percussive/rhythmic touch, the piece climaxes with a beautifully uplifting, repeating Mimimalist sequence.

Exit North, available as an mp3 and a flac download, marks Steve's first official solo release since his celebrated Slope album in 2007.

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steve jansen / richard barbieri - other worlds in a small room

With 'Other Worlds In A Small Room', Steve Jansen and Richard Barbieri created an atmospheric collection of instrumentals that they considered, 'Ambient in the traditional sense'.

This release features music from the the original Japanese only album, "Worlds in a Small Room", which was originally commissioned by JVC to accompany a documentary on the Space Shuttle "Challenger's" mission.
Also available as mp3 / flac download.

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steve jansen / richard barbieri - stone to flesh

Taking in elements of epic Art Rock and Ambient atmospherics, 'Stone To Flesh' comprises a diverse collection of pieces that vary from the dynamic to the hauntingly meditative.

Featuring guest performances from Porcupine Tree's Steven Wilson and Colin Edwin, and harmonica great, Mark Feltham (Talk Talk, The The etc).
Also available as mp3 / flac download.

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Dalis Car - InGladAloness (download)

Hugely respected for his innovative approach to the fretless bass and his groundbreaking work with Japan/Rain Tree Crow, Kate Bush, David Torn and others. Mick Karn died on the 4th of January, 2011.

Initiated by Peter Murphy, Karn's final work during his lifetime saw the unexpected resurrection of the duo's cult mid-1980s project, Dali's Car.

Conceived during the final months of Karn's life, the resulting 5 track EP features contributions from friends and regular musical collaborators Steve Jansen, Jakko M Jacsyzk and Theo Travis.

InGladAloneness is a glorious testament to a unique vision tragically cut short by illness.

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jakko m. jakszyk - kingdom of dust (mp3 download)

Dating from 1994, Jakko M.Jakszyk's Kingdom Of Dust represented an accessible and melodic fusion of Pop sensibilities and Art Rock ambition that found Jakko working alongside the ever-inventive trio of Jansen, Barbieri and Karn (ex-Japan/Rain Tree Crow).

For this special download edition of the mini-album an extra track, Fly, has been added.

All proceeds will be donated to the Mick Karn Appeal.

'Literate adult pop with more than a sprinkle of luscious art-rock atmosphere.' Misfit City

'For my pal Mick.' - Jakko



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