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steve adey - burning fields / everything in its right place (7 " single)

Burning Fields is old song, written pre 'All Things Real'. A haunting and progressive folk arrangement with twists and turns, a stripped back beginning slowly building with choral singing and a cacophonous chorus. Archetypal Steve Adey - fans of 'All Things Real' will love this track.

Everything In Its Right Place is a cover of, arguably, Radiohead's most left of mainstream song. Kid A's opener is re-interpreted with angst guitars and a codeine thick voice. Steve Adey is not afraid of taking on classic songs. His 2006 debut 'All Things Real' featured a cover of Bob Dylan's 'Shelter From The Storm', a track that subsequently made the Times: best songs of 2006.

Available as a Limited Edition 7" Single with picture sleeve


1. Burning Fields
2. Everything in its Right Place



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