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steve adey - mississippi: remixed

Featuring new mixes of songs from Steve Adey's acclaimed debut All Things Real, Mississippi: Remixed includes inventive re-mix contributions from artists including Sweet Billy Pilgrim and A Marble Calm.On the one hand, the mournful, home-made alt-country of Will Oldham and Smog; on the other, the pristine atmospheres of the Blue Nile and Talk Talk.... - Sunday Times, Record of the Week

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The audio is provided as a single ZIP file containing the tracks. Once downloaded, the files can be expanded using WinZip on a PC or Stuffit Expander on the Mac.1. kramer mix (4.45)2. sweet billy pilgrim mix (5.56)3. a marble calm mix (4.50)4. black sheep mix (3.46)
The A Marble Calm remix is also available on the A Marble Calm vinyl release 'Blue Turns to Grey', which is also available from Burning Shed.



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