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Steve Adey - The Tower of Silence

Recorded in Edinburgh in a 19th century church, The Tower Of Silence is the follow-up to All Things Real - a Sunday Times CD of the Week.

A selection of emotionally charged songs featuring Adey's instantly recognisable voice in a variety of settings, collaborators include members of the Scottish National Orchestra and producer/engineer Calum Malcolm (The Blue Nile, Prefab Sprout).

Available on cd and vinyl.

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Steve Adey - These Resurrections [EP]

A five track EP preceding Adey's new album, which will be released later in 2011.

On These Resurrections, Adey continues to collaborate with the nucleus of musicians that worked on the acclaimed All Things Real.

Available in cd and mp3/flac digital download.

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steve adey - all things real (cd)

Steve Adey's slow burning piano and vocal led debut 'All Things Real' received huge critical acclaim - Times: best songs of 2006. The Sunday Times: CD of the week. US journal for improvised and progressive music Signal to Noise heralded 'All Things Real' as "haunting folk into straight-up epic territory".

Available as a CD or Download.

steve adey - burning fields / everything in its right place (7 " single)

'Burning Fields' is haunting electronic folk with a choral, cacophonous chorus. Archetypal Steve Adey - fans of 'All Things Real' will love this track.

Everything In Its Right Place is a cover of, arguably, Radiohead's most left of mainstream song. Kid A's opener is re-interpreted with angst guitars and a codeine thick voice.

Available as a Limited Edition 7" Single with picture sleeve

steve adey - find the way (cd)

'Find the way' is the first single taken from 'All Things Real'. The digipack CD contains album versions of 'Find The Way' and 'Last Remark' alongside new acoustic recordings of 'Find the way' and 'Mississippi'.

The enhanced CD also contains the video for 'Find the way'. This enhanced CD also contains the video for 'Find the way' and is released in a beautiful digi-pack format.

steve adey - mississippi: remixed

Featuring new mixes of songs from Steve Adey's acclaimed debut All Things Real, Mississippi: Remixed includes inventive re-mix contributions from artists including Sweet Billy Pilgrim and A Marble Calm.On the one hand, the mournful, home-made alt-country of Will Oldham and Smog; on the other, the pristine atmospheres of the Blue Nile and Talk Talk.... - Sunday Times, Record of the Week

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