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John Wesley - Disconnect - Limited Edition (cd)

Disconnect is a new collection of John Wesley's guitar-driven acoustic and electric songs straddling the alternative, progressive, art, and classic rock genres, and graced by Wesley's poignant lyrics drawn from the poetry of the everyday.

Alex Lifeson (Rush) contributes a typically unique solo to Once A Warrior and Wesley's Porcupine Tree companion Steven Wilson provides the mix for the track Window.

Limited edition digipak version.


1. Disconnect (5:20)
2. Any Old Saint (7:43)
3. Once A Warrior (6:51)
4. Window (3:32)
5. Gets You Everytime (3:33)
6. Mary Will (5:12)
7. Take What You Need (5:20)
8. How Goes The War (3:34)
9. New Life Old Sweat (5:03)
10. Satellite (5:32)


John Wesley - vocals, backing vocals, and guitars
Dean Tidey - guitars, Disconnect (1st guitar solo), Any Old Saint (1st guitar solo), Cafe Bustelo Shaker
Patrick Bettison - bass guitar
Mark Prator - Drums and percussion

Alex Lifeson - Guitar solo on Once A Warrior



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