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Andrew Keeling - First Things (cd)

From the 1970's onwards, composer Andrew Keeling has written and performed acoustic-based songs.

Initially inspired by the likes of early King Crimson/McDonald and Giles, Nick Drake, T2, Cross and Ross, Judee Sill, Comsat Angels etc., Andrew recently worked with Steeleye Span guitarist Ken Nicol who, as a 'thank you' for arrangements and performance on several projects, recorded and co-produced this album of eleven songs, which Andrew refers to as, 'musical short stories linked together by the accidents of memory'.


1) First Things First
2) Eros and Psyche
3) Fynden
4) Wait
5) Shadow
6) Minako
7) Fragile
8) Samsara
9) Sycamore
10) Short Story
11) Bonus track - Place in the Sun


Produced by Andrew Keeling and Ken Nicol. Artwork by Rosie Keeling. Photography by Susan Keeling. Websites (www.andrewkeeling.ukf.net and www.myspace.com/andrewkeelingacoustic) by Mark Graham. Thanks also to Stephen Fellows and Kevin Price. Released by MVS Sound, Preston.


Recorded during 2008 and early 2009.



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