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Steve Adey - These Resurrections [EP]

A five track EP preceding Adey's new album, which will be released later in 2011.

On These Resurrections, Adey continues to collaborate with the nucleus of musicians that worked on the acclaimed All Things Real.

Available in cd and mp3/flac digital download.


Edinburgh based singer-songwriter Steve Adey released his debut album All Things Real in 2006. The album was critically well received and made some ?Best of 2006" year-end lists.

Later in 2011, Adey will release a new album. The LP is preceded by a five-song EP entitled These Resurrections which is released on May 9th.

On both the forthcoming album and These Resurrections, Adey continues to work with the nucleus of musicians that worked on All Things Real. A string quartet was also used. The recording was mastered by Calum Malcolm.

On These Resurrections, Adey embraces difficult subjects.

Infidel is a confrontational song questioning two actors of terror (a man and a woman).

The title song tells of modern-day war, controlled and influenced by satellites.

Just Wait Till I Get You Home is more straight ahead - a love song, but with a foreboding tension. Soundtrack /One is an instrumental - a church recording filled with symphonic strings.

Tomorrow (voice) is an alternate recording to the album version, without words. The delivery is freeform and orchestrated.

The cover features an illustration by Matt Canning.

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File Size: 30.0 MB.

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01 Tomorrow (voice)
02 Infidel (short version)
03 Soundtrack /One
04 These Resurrections
05 Just Wait Till I Get You Home



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