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Sandra O'Neill

Accomplished Irish singer-songwriter and lead vocalist for Alias Grace. For more information www.sandraoneill.co.uk

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Letka - Far Off Country (cd)

Seamlessly combining Country and Ambient influences in a uniquely ethereal way, Letka is the latest collaboration between Irish vocalist Sandra O'Neill and English multi-instrumentalist Peter Chilvers.

The evocative digipack, designed by Carl Glover, features images from his archive of photographs of American ghost towns.

Brian Eno appears on and produces Beyond The Fold.

sandra o'neill - scattering (mp3 download)

A glimpse into the forthcoming debut solo album from Alias Grace / A Marble Calm singer Sandra O?Neill, ?Scattering? is an atmospheric blend of layered guitars and haunting harmonies reminiscent of Joni Mitchell and Beth Gibbons.

alias grace - storm blue evening (cdr)

Featuring hauntingly melancholy songs adorned with constantly shifting atmospheric arrangements, Alias Grace's second album 'Storm Blue Evening' develops further the intimate and beguiling nature of their charmed debut album and captures perfectly the maturing writing style of Irish singer-songwriter Sandra O'Neill and multi-instrumentalist Peter Chilvers. The album also features cameo appearances from Rob Jackson, Myke Clifford, Mike Bearpark and Tim Bowness.

alias grace - embers (cdr)

Debut album by the songwriters with the atmospheric touch, first released in 1998. The album also features 'Talk Simple', a reworking of the lyric of No-Man's 'Tulip', and a guest appearance by Tim Bowness.

a marble calm - surfacing (cd)

A loose collective centred around the nucleus of Peter Chilvers and reclusive marimba/vibraphone virtuoso Jon Hart, A Marble Calm's debut release is an ambitious collection combining textural instrumentals and drifting songscapes. Featuring Burning Shed regulars Tim Bowness, Sandra O'Neill and Theo Travis and clocking in at 74 minutes long, the album distinctively blends influences from Contemporary Classical (Gorecki/Prt), ECM Jazz, Sigur Rs and the ambient songwriting of Sylvian, Eno and No-Man.

"Sandra O'Neill's singing on Gillian Welch's "I Dream a Highway" is heart-meltingly beautiful. I think this song deserves a new category - something like 'future country'. More, soon, please!" - Brian Eno



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From scattering (download)

From storm blue evening (cdr)

From embers (cdr)

From surfacing (cd)