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Budget introductions to many of the artists available from Burning Shed.

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burning shed - sampler two (cdr)

This second budget compilation contains tracks from all of recent releases available on the Burning Shed Catalogue, as well as previously unreleased tracks from Tim Bowness / Peter Chilvers, Faceless, Centrozoon and Alias Grace.


1. tim bowness / peter chilvers - days turn into years (previously unreleased live version)
2. faceless : heaven trees (previously unreleased)
3. anne clark / martyn bates - autumn (from just after sunset)
4. quoit - the shed (from plug 8 thrust coil)
5. darkroom - excerpt (from fallout 2)
6. paul goodwin - grateful smile (from burning shed session, recorded with peter chilvers)
7. roger eno - sections (from getting warmer)
8. gp hall - fahrenheit 451 (from industrial blue)
9. centrozoon with tim bowness - girl of the week (remixed and remodelled by bpm&m (bill Munyon/Pat mastelotto)
10. michael peters - excerpt (from stretched landscape #1)
11. alias grace - under the ivy (previously unreleased)
12. theo travis/mark hewins - ghorm (from guerilla music)
13. tim bowness / peter chilvers - post-its (from california, norfolk)
14. darkroom : excerpt (from fallout 3)
15. peter chilvers - intro (from stormwatcher)
16. sebastian - excerpt (from hew hoppers base)
17. centrozoon - golden lamb finale (from cult of bibbiboo)


photography by carl glover
design by aleph

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