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rhys marsh and the autumn ghost - the fragile state of inbetween (cd)

Rhys Marsh And The Autumn Ghost's debut album, 'The Fragile State Of Inbetween' is a a collection of delicate and atmospheric songs that sometimes recalls the heartbreaking beauty of the melancholy likes of Nick Drake, Burt Bacharach and David Sylvian.

Featuring members of Jaga Jazzist, Änglagård and Anekdoten, a veritable orchestra of hushed voices, acoustic guitars, pianos, double basses, flutes, trumpets, pedal steels, violins and cellos (in addition to a fleet of Mellotrons!) provide an ideal soundtrack to our ever-changing moods.

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1. Can't Stop The Dreaming (4:34)
2. Don't Break Your Heart (4:55)
3. When All's Done (3:12)
4. All Light Fades (3:04)
5. Lit By Night (7:37)
6. I Watched, As You Disappeared (2:55)
7. Liquorice Kiss (3:32)
8. As I See You There (4:48)
9. Undone (4:38)
10. Spoken (8:27)


Rhys Marsh ? voice, guitars, piano, organ, zither
Åsa Börrefors ? voice
Jess Bryant ? voice
Nicklas Barker ? mellotron
Akira Rabelais ? electronics
Ketil Vestrum Einarsen ? flute
Mia Silvas ? flute
Tetsuroh ? trumpet
Steve Honest ? pedal steel
Anna Giddey ? violin
Charlie Stock ? viola
Natalie Rozario ? cello
Jo Fougner Skaansar ? double bass
Francis Booth ? fretless bass
Takashi Mori ? drums, programming
Andy Raeburn ? drums
Mattias Olsson ? drums, electronics, mellotron

Recorded by Rhys Marsh at Autumnsongs & Tone Makeriet, both in Trondheim, Norway, & Chamber Studios, in London, England; Takashi Mori at Studio Bosco, in Shiga, Japan; John Landau at Petworth Sounds, in London, England; Steve Honest at New Music Production, in London, England; Brynjar Dambo at Bjerkås Studios, in Oslo, Norway; Nicklas Barker at Sisu Sound, in Stockholm, Sweden; Mattias Olsson at Roth Händle, in Stockholm, Sweden; Tetsuroh Konishi at Bird Sound Studio, in Saitama, Japan; & Ketil Vestrum Einarsen at Windmill Lane Studios, in Massachusetts, USA; from August '06 to June '08.



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