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Dave Kerzner - New World - Deluxe (double cd)

New World is the star-studded debut release from Dave Kerzner, CEO of Sonic Reality and ex-member of Sound of Contact.

A concept album featuring Steve Hackett, Keith Emerson, Nick D Virgilio, David Longdon (Big Big Train), Colin Edwin and others, the album is an accomplished showcase of Kerzner's abilities and ambition.

Deluxe double cd edition, featuring additional songs, extended versions, cinematic segues and more. Packaged in a digipak with a 20 page booklet.


CD 1:

1. Stranded (Part 1-5)
Part 1- Isolation
Part 2 Delirium
Part 3 March Of The Machines
Part 4 Source Sublime
Part 5 The Darkness
2. Into The Sun
3. The Lie
4. The Traveler
5. Secret
6. Reflection
7. Under Control
8. Altered State
9. Premonition
Part 1 Premonition
Part 2 Resilience I
Part 3 Subtle Signs Of Life
Part 4 Altered State
Part 5 Illuminessence
11. In The Garden
12. The Way Out
13. Recurring Dream

CD 2:

1. Biodome
2. Crossing Of Fates
3. Theta
4. My Old Friend
5. Ocean Of Stars
6. Solitude
7. Nothing
8. Erased
9. Realign
10. Nexus
11. New World
12. Redemption (Stranded Part 6-10)
Part 6 The Oasis
Part 7 Resilience II
Part 8 High On The Dunes
Part 9 Mirage Of The Machines
Part 10 To The Light



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