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Nick Magnus - N'Monix (cd)

Nick Magnus (Steve Hackett, The Enid) follows his highly acclaimed Children Of Another God with an even more ambitious conceptual work, N'Monix.

Featuring his Spectral Mornings-era band mates Steve Hackett and Pete Hicks as well as No-Man's Tim Bowness (on the eight minute ballad Broken), the music shifts from the Symphonic to the cinematic to the inventively quirky, offering an emotionally rich and musically detailed commentary on memory and loss, the modern age and the past.

A latter-day Progressive masterclass in the old style!


The track Broken is part of Vicky Powell's Just Giving campaign to raise awareness of and money for the Alzeheimer's Society - https://www.justgiving.com/Victoria-Powell4


1. Time
2. Memory
3. Kombat Kid
4. Headcase
5. Eminent Victorians
6. Broken
7. Shadowland
8. Entropy



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