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Tin Spirits - Wired To Earth (cd)

The Esoteric Antenna edition of Wired To Earth, the accomplished debut album from Swindon Prog Rock quartet, Tin Spirits (a band featuring former XTC guitarist, Dave Gregory).

The album is made up of four original compositions, alongside a cover of the Genesis classic 'Back in NYC' (indicative of the influences at work).

With its complex arrangements, epic scale and excellent musicianship, Wired To Earth channels the spirit of 1970s Prog Rock, while remaining firmly anchored by a Pop sensibility.

A fittingly rich and varied backdrop for Gregory's trademark blend of psychedelic '60s jangle, '70s rock riffing and new wave angularity, the band is far from a mere star vehicle for the ex-XTC man. With songwriting duties split four ways, the quartet formed out their collective love of music.

Tin Spirits emerged in 2008 after guitarist Daniel Steinhardt invited his friend and musical hero Dave Gregory to come and jam with The Hi-Fidels, a Swindon-based trio made up of Steinhardt, bassist/vocalist Mark Kilminster and drummer Doug Mussard. An instant connection was made, and what began as four people getting together to play covers for their own enjoyment developed apace.

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1. Glimmer
2. And Go:
i. This Fearless Minute
ii. The Burn
iii. And It Ends)
3. Back In NYC
4. Broken:
i. Mr Second Chance
ii. Better Place
iii. Can't Find Out
5. Breathe Shallow i. Chasing Shadows
ii. Come To Light



Mark Kilminster Vocals/Bass Guitar
Dave Gregory Electric Guitars
Daniel Steinhardt Electric & Acoustic Guitars/Vocals
Doug Mussard Drums/Vocals

Produced by Tin Spirits and Mitch Keen
Engineered and mixed by Mitch Keen
Mastered by Stuart Rowe



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