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Focus - Moving Waves (LP)

Spawning the hit Hocus Pocus and containing the sidelong opus Eruption, Moving Waves caused a sensation on its 1971 release.

Still one of Focus's most highly regarded albums, this audiophile vinyl edition of Moving Waves features a 3mm embossed cover.


A1 Hocus Pocus (6:42)
A2 Le Clochard (2:01)
A3 Janis (3:09)
A4 Moving Waves (2:42)
A5 Focus II (4:03)

B1 Eruption (23:04)

a Orfeus (Eruption)
b Answer (Eruption)
c Orfeus (Eruption)
d Answer (Eruption)
e Pupilla (Eruption)
f Tommy (Eruption)
g Pupilla (Eruption)
h Answer (Eruption)
i The Bridge (Eruption)
j Euridice (Eruption)
k Dayglow (Eruption)
l Endless Road (Eruption)
m Answer (Eruption)
n Orfeus (Eruption)
o Euridice (Eruption)


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