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Pendragon - Pure (cd/dvd in digibook)

Pendragon's eighth album Pure was named Album Of The Year by the Classic Rock Society and described by Classic Rock magazine as 'Pendragon's finest hour so far'.

The leanest and toughest sounding release from the band Pure saw Pendragon breaking new ground creatively.

Originally released on the band's own Toff Records label, the album is now available as a special cd/dvd edition on the Snapper imprint, Madfish.

The dvd comprises the 1 hour and 24 minute, 'Handy-Cam Progumentary'.

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Disc 1- CD:

1. Indigo
2. Eraserhead
3. Comatose
I. View From The Seashore
II. Space Cadet
III. Home And Dry
4. The Freak Show
5. It's Only Me

Disc 2 - DVD:

'Handy-Cam Progumentary'

Total playing time 1hr 24min



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