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Trey Gunn - I'll Tell What I Saw (double cd)

A retrospective double disc set including over 2 hours of music drawn from Gunn's extensive solo and collaborative projects.

Best known for his work with King Crimson, Sylvian/Fripp and as a pioneer of the touch guitar, Gunn has personally selected the material on I'll Tell What I Saw.

Contains music from the Trey Gunn Band, TU and Saro Cosentino.

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Disc 1:

1. Hymn
2. The Joy of Molybdenum (feat. The Trey Gunn Band)
3. The Fifth Spin of the Sun
4. Val el Diablo (feat. Alonso Arreola)
5. Morning Dream (feat. Sergey Klevensky)
6. Real Life
7. Maslenitsa (feat. Farlanders)
8. Gallina 1:05
9. Dziban 6:15
10. Misery, Misery, Die, Die, Die... (feat. TU)
11. Pole
12. Thick and Thorny (feat. Quodia)
13. Down Spin
14. Absinthe & A Cracker (feat. TU)
15. The Shimmering
16. Fandango (feat. TU)
17. Well (feat. Inna Zhelannaya)

Disc 2:

1. Jacaranda (feat. KTU)
2. The Magnificent Jinn
3. Contact
4. Drunk (feat. Inna Zhelannaya)
5. Killing for London
6. Kuma
7. Single Cell Shark (feat. Matte Henderson)
8. Cheeky (feat. Matt Chamberlin)
9. Make My Grave in the Shape of a Heart (feat. TU)
10. Spectra
11. Capturing the Beam
12. Hard Winds
13. Arrakis (feat. The Trey Gunn Band)
14. Flood
15. Untamed Chicken (feat. TU)
16. Down in Shadows (feat. N.Y.X.)
17. Californ-a-tron
18. Vals (feat. Sergey Klevensky)
19. 9:47 P.M. (feat. Saro Cosentina)



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