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Magma - Udu Wudu (cd)

Under the leadership of their classically trained drummer Christian Vander, Magma conjured up a truly unique vision of the universe, inventing its own language and mythology and combining elements of jazz, R&B and Progressive musics.

Recorded in 1976 in Paris at the peak of Magma's popularity, Udü Wüdü?s undoubted highlight is the 17-minute epic 'De Futura', described by Vander himself as, "A magical and enchanting voyage through time."

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1. Udü Wüdü
2. Weidorje
3. Troller Tanz (Ghost Dance)
4. Soleil D' Ork (Ork'Sun)
5. Zombies (Ghost Dance)
6. De Futura



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