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Dreams Of Tall Buildings & Arve Henriksen - Drowning The Heart Sounds (cd)

Comprising two exquisitely crafted long-form pieces, Dreams Of Tall Buildings debut on their own Museum label is an intimate and sonically adventurous collaboration with ECM label trumpeter and David Sylvian collaborator Arve Henriksen.


Throughout their history together Dreams of Tall Buildings (Darren Joyce and Justin Wiggan) have in their expansive body of work sought meaning into noise and organized sound and the architecture of space. They physiologically respond to a neural processes in unwanted sounds and noise pollution during their collaborations, beating out found samples as psychological reflections of their subconscious which at times are wired together through a practiced incubation period, with the intention of cultivating new soundscapes. Dreams of Tall Buildings can block, distort, or change/interfere with the meaning of a message in their music so don't look for one. This demarcation problem in the philosophy of their work draws the lines around the boundaries are commonly drawn between art and music.

Rope parts I,II & III and Drowning The Heart Sounds is the band's debut release on their own label MuseuM and recorded in both the UK and Norway and features collaboration with Norwegian musician Arve Henriksen. Arve is one of Norway's leading contemporary musicians and has worked with many people over the years including Dhafer Yousseff, Frode Haltli and David Sylvian to name just a few. He has also released his own solo albums.

Arve Henriksen has this to say about his work with Dreams of Tall Buildings.

"It is always a big challenge to add trumpet to pre-recorded material. It is a huge risk to do so because you are afraid of destroying curves and break down the form and parameters.
This music Rope I,II and III came to my computer some years ago and I was attracted to it without knowing why. These musical landscapes presented to me had fascinating sounds and timbres and combinations of sounds and a presentation of form unlike much of my own recorded music. To try to find the core and to tell a story or make comments as the music goes on became like walking in these surroundings watching them for the first time and react instantly and trust the intuition. Just like walking around in a new city and looking for the peculiarities, architectural and aesthetic differences and then feel at home. Drowning the heart sounds is a piece of music I recently met in this world of changing files by using the internet. To me this could have been the soundtrack to short film. Here I make my comments to the story. A story which has more than one direction and also contains many layers. This music hopefully opens the doors for you to imagine your story in your own imaginary world. Have a nice journey."

"DOTB Just seem to have broken some codes that allow them to walk some sonic lines better than whole armies of their peers"...(The Wire)

"`Two Poetic, colossal and brittle movements creating a beautifully intimate and challenging experience. Like Stan Getz stabbing Miles Davis in a flotation tank. Simply breath-taking stuff" - Mark Barton (Loosing Today).


1. Rope (parts I, II & III) (15.36)
2. Drowning The Heart Sounds (21.03)


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