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Space Rock

Hawkwind - Space Bandits (cd)

A 2016 repress of the 2010 Atomhenge CD version of Hawkwind's 1990 studio curio Space Bandits.

The beginning of a new phase for Hawkwind, Space Bandits featured Hawk stalwarts Dave Brock, Harvey Bainbridge and Simon House, and also included vocalist Bridgett Wishart for the first time.

Hawkwind - The Machine Stops (cd)

An atmospheric concept album by the legendary Hawkwind based on EM Forster's visionary Sci-Fi story The Machine Stops.

Hawkwind - The Machine Stops (double vinyl)

The atmospheric 2016 album by the legendary Hawkwind is a concept work based on EM Forster's visionary Sci-Fi story The Machine Stops.

Forster's dystopian vision of the future is brought to life in characteristic Hawkwind style.

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Nik Turner with Dave Thompson - The Spirit Of Hawkwind 1969-1976 (deluxe book with extras)

The definitive account of the most crucial years in the life of legendary space rock band
Hawkwind as told by co-founder Nik Turner and music historian Dave Thompson.

Deluxe US import hardcover book containing reproduction Sonic Attack 7" single, In Search Of Space 1971 promotional booklet and more.

Dave Brock - Brockworld (cd)

Brockworld is an eclectic collection of Psychedelic Rock songs, interspersed with evocative instrumentals and experimental melodies, that confirms Hawkwind founder Brock's place as a Space Rock visionary without equal.

"The best all-new Hawkwind album in recent years that isn't Hawkwind!" - Vive Le Rock

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Hawkwind - Astounding Sounds, Amazing Music (vinyl)

The aptly titled Astounding Sounds, Amazing Music marked the return of Robert Calvert to the Hawkwind fold.

This 180g vinyl reissue has been remastered from the original tapes and features a replica of the album artwork, including an inner bag and an additional illustrated liner notes insert.

Hawkwind - Warrior On The Edge Of Time - Deluxe Edition (2cd/1dvd)

The long awaited deluxe edition of the classic 1975 album, Warrior On The Edge Of Time.

Featuring the band at its most conceptual, ambitious and Progressive, Warrior is rightly regarded as one of the most essential releases in Hawkwind's illustrious catalogue.

This edition marks the first time that the original analogue stereo master tapes have been used for a remastered edition. The set also features a wonderful 5.1 remix from the original 16-track master tapes by Steven Wilson, who has also provided a new stereo remix.

The deluxe version also includes thirteen bonus tracks drawn from studio out-takes and the 1975 Watchfield Festival and a booklet featuring photos, memorabilia and an essay.

Hawkwind - This Is Your Captain Speaking, Your Captain Is Dead - The Albums & Singles 1970-1974 (11 cd set)

An 11 cd set comprehensively chronicling Hawkwind's studio and live activity during the years 1970-1974.

Containing the classic albums Doremi Fasol Latido, Space Ritual, Hall Of The Mountain Grill and much more.

Presented in a clamshell box.

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Hawkwind - Space Ritual (double cd)

Originally released in 1973, and now celebrating its 40th anniversary, Space Ritual is one of the most revered live albums of the 1970s.

Conceived as a space rock opera and containing deranged poetry, synth experiments and driving Rock riffs, Space Ritual captures the cosmic strangeness of early Hawkwind at its artistic peak.

This jewel case double cd is the new edition of the now deleted 2007 Collector's Edition of the album and combines the remastered version of the original album (with extended tracks), plus three bonus tracks.

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Hawklords - Hawklords (double vinyl)

A deluxe double vinyl edition - on 140g transparent purple vinyl - of 25 Years On.

Released in 1978 on Charisma, Hawklords was effectively the eighth studio album by Hawkwind and superbly demonstrates the band's adventurous approach to its music in the era of New Wave.

Steve Hillage - Live At Rockpalast, 1977 (cd/dvd)

Steve Hillage live in 1977 captured on dvd and re-mastered cd performing several of his most beloved pieces.

Featuring Jethro Tull's Clive Bunker on drums Hillage and versions of the epic Solar Musick and Lunar Musick suites.

Here and Now - UFOasis (CD)

Here & Now's 1991 studio release was the band's last.

Fusing its Psychedelic/Space Rock root influences with Hard Rock power and funk rhythms to make a stirring sound occasionally reminiscent of late '70s Steve Hillage, in UFOasis, H&N produced a work considered amongst its very best.

The band's guitarist and bassist were later to join H&N's spiritual forebears Gong.

Ozric Tentacles - Vitamin Enhanced (6CD)

A 30th Anniversary edition of the much-loved 1994 box set collecting the Ozric's six early cassette albums.

Re-mastered with a 40 page book featuring extensive new liner notes, photos and memorabilia.

Robert Calvert - Lucky Leif And The Longships (cd)

Produced by Brian Eno and featuring Simon House, Nik Turner and a bizarre banjo turn from Michael Moorcock, Calvert's wonderful conceptual oddity from 1975 has been remastered from the original tapes and features two bonus tracks.

Hipgnosis - Setowski Box Set (Triple vinyl plus book box set)

A deluxe box set containing two full-length 180gm vinyl albums by the epic Polish Space Prog band Hipgnosis - Sky Is The Limit from 2006 and Relusion from 2011- plus a hard cover art book featuring Tomasz Setowski's paintings.

For fans of Tangerine Dream, Ozric Tentacles, Hawkwind and Pink Floyd.

We appreciate that the shipping cost of this item is high - this is due to the heavy weight of the vinyl and the box. As this is a valuable release we have also included postal insurance as standard. We will ship using Royal Mail (in the UK) and your local postal service - you will need to sign for the package.

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Tangerine Dream - Atem (double cd)

A re-mastered edition of Tangerine Dream's classic experimental 1973 release, Atem

Championed by John Peel (his 'album of 1973'), it was the band's last album for the OHR label and heralded the beginning of Tangerine Dream's wider acclaim.

This new edition contains a bonus CD of a previously unreleased forty minute live performance given by Tangerine Dream at the Deutschlandhalle in Berlin on November 29th 1973 and features an illustrated booklet with a new essay.

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Tangerine Dream - The Virgin Years - 1974-1978 (3 cd box set)

A 3 CD set collecting the five hugely influential studio albums Tangerine Dream recorded for Virgin between 1974 and 1978.

Contains a booklet and the 1995 remasters of:

1) Phaedra (1974)
2) Rubycon (1975)
3) Ricochet (1975)
4) Stratosfear (1976)
5) Cyclone (1978)

Bonus content:

Rare single releases and 7" Edits, in addition to two rarely heard period radio adverts.

porcupine tree - the sky moves sideways remastered edition (digibook cd)

PT's 1995 album is regarded by many fans as one of the band's most crafted and melodic Progressive Rock orientated releases.

Awash with melancholic vocals, liquid solos, spacious textures and dynamic instrumental passages, this special edition has been expanded to include an extra disc of rarities.

New edition on Kscope deluxe Digibook format. (N.B. The content is the same as the previous digipack and super jewel case editions. However, the packaging has changed).

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Porcupine Tree - The Sky Moves Sideways (double vinyl)

Note: This is not the Delerium Years mastering. This is KSCOPE825.

A double vinyl version of the landmark 1995 release from Porcupine Tree.

Awash with melancholic vocals, hypnotic guitar solos, spacious textures and dynamic instrumental passages, this vinyl edition is pressed on heavyweight vinyl and packaged in gatefold cover with printed inner sleeves.

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Porcupine Tree - Voyage 34 - vinyl edition (double vinyl)

Kscope's series of vinyl editions of classic Porcupine Tree albums continues with the release of Voyage 34 on limited edition coloured vinyl.

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porcupine tree - up the downstair

For the last release in the PT Delerium Years series, SW has revamped the original Up the Downstair album from 1993, replacing the sampled drums with real drums (played by Gavin Harrison), and remixing the whole album into far superior sound quality. This definitive version is augmented by a second CD download containing the long unavailable Staircase Infinities mini album. Comes with downloadable version of the artwork.Also available as a Double CD

mp3 download

flac download

Porcupine Tree - Up The Downstair (double vinyl)

The first in a series of Kscope vinyl reissues of Porcupine Tree's Delerium-era albums.

The 1993 classic, Up The Downstair, now on double 180 gram BLACK vinyl with gatefold sleeve, and features the 2004 remix/remaster of Up the Downstair/Staircase Infinities, plus the bonus track Phantoms (taken from the Stars Die anthology).

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porcupine tree - on the sunday of life (cd)

On the Sunday of Life was recorded by Steven Wilson solo and originally released as a double LP. Lo-Fi by current PT standards, this is an album of future possibilities including everything from psychedelic pop to ambient interludes. The seeds of the future PT sound are also in evidence in tracks such as It Will Rain for a Million Years and the classic Radioactive Toy.

Catalogue number changed to KSCOPE122M but tracklisting remains the same, now in a super jewel case

Porcupine Tree - On The Sunday Of Life (double vinyl)

Continuing series of KScope vinyl reissues of Porcupine Tree's Delerium-era albums.

Please note that the original orange vinyl has now sold out and that these copies are on BLACK vinyl

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Henry Fool - Men Singing

Featuring five members of the live No-Man band plus Jarrod Gosling and Phil Manzanera (Roxy Music/801/Quiet Sun), Men Singing is the second album by Henry Fool, the project led by Tim Bowness and Stephen Bennett.

Available as a cd and a very limited edition heavyweight vinyl LP in gatefold cover with inserts, the album is mastered by Pink Floyd sound engineer, Andy Jackson.

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Gong - Magick Brother (CD)

Recorded in September 1969 and released in early 1970 under the joint names of Daevid Allen and Gilly Smyth, Magick Brother is now recognised as the first ever Gong album.

The core duo were supported by a group of highly-accomplished musicians including Earl Freeman, who had worked with Albert Ayler, Didier Malherbe and Rachid Hoari.

Containing songs such as 'Rational Anthem' and 'Gong Song' and featuring some fine distorted and processed guitar playing by Allen, 'Magick Brother' is a wonderful precursor to Gong's better known, later adventures.

Gong - Flying Teapot (CD)

The first part of the Radio Gnome Invisible trilogy from 1973.

Gong - The Very Best Of Gong (CD)

The best of the hippy legends' '70s recordings for the BYG label.

Gong - Planet Gong Live - Floating Anarchy 1977 (CD)

The classic 1970s line up including guitarist Steffy Sharpstrings support Daevid Allen and Gilli Smyth for Live Floating Anarchy in 1977.

Gong - Camembert Electrique (CD)

'Camembert Electrique', recorded in 1971, was Gong's third album.

A skilful blend of jazz-influenced space rock, unconventional psychedelia and bizarre experimentation, the album includes the classic 'Foghat Digs Holes In Space'.

Gong - Angel's Egg (CD)

Gong's classic companion to The Flying Teapot shows Gong at its most adventurous and accessible.

Aided and abetted by Steve Hillage (at his majestic best) and drummer supreme Pierre Morlen, along with You, this is where Gong's endless invention is finally matched by the superb quality of its musicianship.

Gong - You (cd)

Recorded in late 1973, 'You' is the final instalment of Gong's highly regarded 'Radio Gnome Invisible' trilogy, and is considered to be the most sophisticated and best produced album in the band's history.

It was the last Gong album made before the departures of both its founder member and driving force Daevid Allen and its legendary guitarist Steve Hillage, who was soon to embark on his highly successful solo career.

This is the Charly label edition.

Ozric Tentacles - Paper Monkeys (CD)

Combining ambient and ethereal landscapes with freeform dub trips, virtuouso rave grooves and psychedelic-tinged progressive rock, Paper Monkeys is the new studio album from UK underground legends, Ozric Tentacles.

Ozric Tentacles - Paper Monkeys (double vinyl)

Combining ambient and ethereal landscapes with freeform dub trips, virtuouso rave grooves and psychedelic-tinged progressive rock, Paper Monkeys is the new studio album from UK underground legends, Ozric Tentacles.

This double vinyl edition is pressed on heavyweight vinyl and packaged in a gatefold sleeve.

Ozric Tentacles - Jurassic Shift (CD + DVD)

A CD/DVD edition of the Ozric's 1993 Top 20 classic.

The CD features the original album re-mastered, while the DVD includes the video for Vita Voom plus live footage from Glastonbury, the feature In The Studio - The making of Jurassic Shift, and more.

Ozric Tentacles - Erpland - 2 disc special editon (CD + DVD IN MEDIABOOK)

Re-mastered CD and DVD version of the Ozrics classic 1990 album.

Disc 2 includes the first authorised released of the much sought after Brixton Fridge gig from 1991.

Ozric Tentacles - Sunrise Festival (CD/DVD)

Sunrise Festival captures the magic of one of Ozric Tentacles festival performances on a CD and DVD package in rigid digi-book packaging.

Recorded in 2007 at the Sunrise Celebration Festival in Somerset, the set features classic tracks taken from throughout the band?s career.

The sunrise celebration seems to me to be something like it was here about 35 years ago Michael Eavis, Glastonbury

Please note, the DVDA is ntsc, region 0 and should play on almost all systems worldwide.

Out of stock.

Ozric Tentacles - The Hidden Step (CD)

Originally released in October 2000, The Hidden Step is the 16th studio album from the Ozric Tentacles, the UK's unique psychedelic electronic jam-band.

The album features seven diverse tracks which all have an underlining far eastern theme, tying in with the album?s title, a reference to the hidden step in the great pyramid.

"Ozric Tentacles mix dub, Indian influences, ambient techno and all-round synth with equal measures and to great effect" - Q magazine

Ozric Tentacles - Curious Corn (CD)

1997's Curious Corn strongly continues in the tradition of previous Ozric releases, offering the group's trademark new-age cosmic-rock sound.

Ozric Tentacles - Jurassic Shift (CD)

Re-packaged reissue of the Ozrics 1993 breakthrough release includes extensive liner notes.

"Jurassic Shift remains a creative peak." - Classic Rock

Ozric Tentacles - Strangeitude (2CD)

A fan favourite and one of the most highly regarded and consistently strong albums from the Ozric's prolific and illustrious career.

This 2-disc version is housed in a smart digibook, the CD features the original album re-mastered, while the bonus disc includes live recordings and alternate versions of tracks from the album recorded at the time.

Includes the UK Indie No.1 single "Sploosh".

Ozric Tentacles - Floating Seeds Remixed (CD)

The Ozrics remix album, now in mid-price digipak.

In 1999, many of the Ozric's key tunes were remixed by the cream of the dance industry, including Will White (Propellerheads), Youth, System 7, Sparky Lightbourne and Space Raiders from the UK's legendary dance label Skint.

"Leave it to those crazy Brit kids. After years of venturing glorified computer programmers and tape splicers as part of the rave, house and dance music scenes, they've discovered the progressive instrumental rock of Ozric Tentacles" - Creative Loafing USA

Postcards From Space - Factory Days (mp4 download)

Sounding like Darkroom's acid-soaked older brother, Factory Days is a 25 minute improvised piece.

Recorded live during a support to The Durutti Column in June 2006, this marked the first time Tim Bowness (vocals, vocal loops), Alistair Murphy (organ, analogue synth) and Andy Butler (guitar, guitar loops) had played together.

Organ drones, cosmic synths and treated guitar solos abound. Echoes of early Pink Floyd and Ashra creep into a digital-age loop experience, and an England football megaphone is put to use outside of shouting, "Come on, Crouchy!"

The title comes from an after show comment when a drunken member of the audience approached Tim and said, "Vini, you were great man. I haven't seen you since your Factory days."

Mistaken identity has rarely been so mistaken.

uriel - arzachel collectors edition (cd)

Formed in 1967 at the height of the UK psychedelic scene, Uriel consisted of Steve Hillage (guitar/vocals), Dave Stewart (organ), Mont Campbell (bass/vocals) and Clive Brooks (drums). When Hillage left the band Uriel continued as an organ trio, later changing their name to Egg.

Arzachel Collectors Edition is a re-mastered version of the legendary 1969 psychedelic album recorded under a pseudonym by Uriel, featuring the amazing 17-year old Steve Hillage on guitar throughout. The CD also contains four unreleased, ultra-rare Uriel studio demos, a spoken-word message from the past and a live snippet recorded in 1968. Steve Hillage plays on two of these bonus tracks.

61 minutes of mind-expanding music and the occasional freak-out in a full-colour Digipak with its own 20-page booklet. As in The Metronomical Society, the story of Uriel (told in the band's own words) is illustrated by a unique set of photos taken in the late '60s.

A limited number of copies signed by the four musicians were available but have now sold out

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