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Greg Lake - Greg Lake / Manoeuvres (double cd)

Greg Lake's two solo albums - from 1981 and 1983 - re-mastered and collected on one Manticore label double cd.

Emerson, Lake & Palmer - Brain Salad Surgery - Super Deluxe (3CD/DVDA/DVD/vinyl)

A limited edition super deluxe box set version of ELP's 1973 masterpiece of Progressive excess!

George Forrester, Martyn Hanson & Frank Askew - Emerson, Lake and Palmer: The Show That Never Ends.... Encore (book)

The Show That Never Ends ... Encore was first published in 2000.

This new Foruli edition is fully revised and updated, and chronicles the epic ELP saga in all its gory glory (including the band's high profile last stand at the High Voltage Festival in 2010).

Drawing on interviews with band members and associates, and a host of archive sources, this high quality paperback book is a gripping account of ego, band politics, period excess and sweeping musical ambition.

Contains a foreword from Carl Palmer.

Please note, we will be selling a deluxe hardback version of the book signed by Carl Pamer at a later date.

Out of stock.

Keith Emerson - At The Movies (triple cd preorder)

At the Movies gathers together Emerson's music for seven movies; Nighthawks, Best Revenge, Inferno, La Chiesa (The Church), Muderock, Harmagedon and Godzilla Final Wars.

The box set includes an illustrated booklet with a new essay and photographs.

A 2016 repressing of the 2014 box set.

Pre-order for 3rd June release.



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