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fish - bouillabaisse (cd)

Bouillabaisse is a special edition 2CD set encompassing highlights taken from Fish?s fascinating 25 year career. As well as featuring choice tracks from his solo years, Bouillabaisse includes the tracks Tara, Goldfish and Clowns and Brother 52, produced by Porcupine Tree's Steven Wilson, and the massive Marillion hits Kayleigh, Lavender and Incommunicado.

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Disc 1 - Balladeer

1. Just Good Friends (with Sam Brown)    
2. Shot the Craw
3. A Gentleman's Excuse Me
4. Kayleigh
5. Solo
6. Incomplete (with Elizabeth Troy Antwi)
7. The Company
8. Fortunes Of War
9. Our Smile
10. Lavender
11. Lady Let It Lie
12. Cliche
13. Scattering Crows
14. Tara
15. Caledonia
16. Raw Meat

Disc 2 - Rocketeer

1. Big Wedge
2. Credo
3. Incommunicado
4. Goldfish And Clowns
5. Long Cold Day
6. Brother 52
7. Clock Moves Sideways
8. The Perception Of Johnny Punter
9. Moving Targets
10. Plague Of Ghosts
11. (i) Old Haunts
12. (ii) Digging Deep
13. (iii) Chocolate Frogs
14. (iv) Waving At Stars
15. (v) Raingods Dancing
16. (vi) Wake Up Call (make it happen)



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