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Porcupine Tree - The Delerium Years 1994 - 1997 (8 LP)


Porcupine Tree - The Delerium Years 1994 - 1997 gathers together two pivotal (double LP) studio releases, along with the breakthrough Coma Divine triple live LP and a four track bonus 12" EP.

All of the audio (pressed on 180g heavyweight vinyl) has been remastered by Steven Wilson over the last three years and comes packaged in a deluxe box with 40 page 'perfect bound' book containing extensive liner notes and a detailed band history by US journalist, Stephen Humphries.

The box, book and LP packaging is designed by long-term collaborator Carl Glover and features new and previously unseen Lasse Hoile material alongside the original artwork from the era.

Formed in the late 1980s as a side project (No-Man was Wilson's main band at this point), Porcupine Tree had become a fully-fledged touring group by the mid-1990s. The band's third studio release, 1995's The Sky Moves Sideways, was a landmark album awash with melancholic vocals, hypnotic guitar solos, spacious textures and dynamic instrumental passages, and saw the band shift to a progressive rock sound that would come to define their career.

Signify (1996) built on the advances of The Sky Moves Sideways and firmly established Porcupine Tree as a highly respected force in the emerging mid-1990's Underground scene.

Coma Divine, the live LP of a career-changing sold out show in Rome, appeared in late 1997. Consolidating Porcupine Tree's position as one of the pre-eminent live Rock bands of its age, the album proved that the band were as vital a force in concert as they were in the studio.

These three releases are accompanied by an LP of bonus tracks, including two versions of Signify II pressed as a concentric cut - depending on which groove the stylus falls into, you get a different mix.

The Delerium Years is a beautifully presented set chronicling the evolution of one of the UK's brightest talents of the 1990s and 2000s.

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A - The Sky Moves Sideways:

1. The Sky Moves Sideways - Phase 1 [18:40]

B - The Sky Moves Sideways:

1. Stars Die [5:07]
2. Dislocated Day [5:24]
3. The Moon Touches Your Shoulder [5:40]
4. Prepare Yourself [2:00]

C - The Sky Moves Sideways:

1. The Sky Moves Sideways - Phase 2 [16:56]

D - The Sky Moves Sideways

1. Moonloop [22:23]

E - Signify:

1. Bornlivedie [1:46]
2. Signify [3:26]
3. Sleep Of No Dreaming [5:24]
4. Pagan [1:36]
5. Waiting (Phase One) [4:24]

F - Signify:

1. Waiting (Phase Two) [6:21]
2. Sever [5:30]
3. Idiot Prayer [7:37]

G - Signify:

1. Every Home Is Wired [5:18]
2. Intermediate Jesus [7:29]

H - Signify:

1. Light Mass Prayers [4:28]
2. Dark Matter [8:52]

I - Coma Divine:

1. Bornlivedieintro - Live In Rome [1:25]
2. Signify - Live In Rome [5:24]
3. Waiting (Phase One) - Live In Rome [4:32]
4. Waiting (Phase Two) - Live In Rome [5:24]

J - Coma Divine:

1. The Sky Moves Sideways - Live In Rome [12:41]
2. Dislocated Day - Live In Rome [6:36]

K - Coma Divine:

1. Sleep Of No Dreaming - Live In Rome [5:19]
2. Moonloop - Live In Rome [11:40]

L - Coma Divine:

1. Up The Downstair - Live In Rome [7:40]
2. The Moon Touches Your Shoulder - Live In Rome [5:05]
3. Always Never - Live In Rome [5:41]

M - Coma Divine:

1. Is Not - Live In Rome [6:09]
2. Radioactive Toy - Live In Rome [13:30]

N - Coma Divine:

1. Not Beautiful Anymore - Live In Rome [09:39]

O - Bonus Tracks:

1. Signify II (Secular Mix) [6:05]
1. Signify II (Religious Mix) [6:05]

P - Bonus Tracks:

1. Sound Of No-one Listening [8:17]
2. Colourflow In Mind [3:51]
3. Fuse The Sky [4:36]



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