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porcupine tree - stars die (jewel case double cd)

A reissue of the original box set in a jewel case. Steven Wilson has also taken the opportunity to substitute the tracks Fadeaway and Up the Downstair with the recently recorded definitive versions with live drums by Gavin Harrison.

The jewel case version replaces the previously available digipack edition.


1. Radioactive Toy
2. Nine Cats
3. And The Swallows Dance Above The Sun
4. Nostalgia Factory
5. Voyage 34
6. Synesthesia
7. Phantoms
8. Up The Downstair
9. Fade Away
10. Rainy Taxi
11. Stars Die
12. Sky Moves Sideways
13. Men Of Wood
14. Waiting
15. Sound Of No One Listening
16. Colourflow In Mind
17. Fuse The Sky
18. Signify II
19. Every Home Is Wired
20. Sever
21. Dark Matter



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