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Porcupine Tree - Stars Die (2016 Steven Wilson Remaster) (double cd preorder)

Compiled and remastered by Steven Wilson, Stars Die is a mid-price double cd collection of the best of Porcupine Tree's early years.


Stars Die traces Porcupine Tree's evolution from 1991 to 1997 and is a perfect introduction for the curious as well as a choice collector's piece for the diehard fan.

The collection chronicles the history of the band from Steven Wilson's Psychedelic, one-man-band origins to the group's evolution into influential atmospheric, Progressive Rock icons.

Alongside a selection of tracks from all the official early albums, the compilation contains nine rare tracks that are either exclusive on CD to Stars Die or were released on now out-of-print EPs (such as Moonloop and Staircase Infinities).

2016 remaster in digipak including extensive liner notes and quotes from Porcupine Tree members.

Pre-order for 21st April release.


CD 1:

1. Radioactive Toy [10:10]
2. Nine Cats [3:51]
3. And The Swallows Dance Above The Sun [4:04]
4. The Nostalgia Factory [7:33]
5. Voyage 34 (Phase One 2004 Mix) [12:54]
6. Synesthesia (extended version) [7:54]
7. Phantoms [3:14]
8. Up The Downstair (2004 version) [10:09]
9. Fadeaway (2004 version) [6:16]
10. Rainy Taxi [6:52]

CD 2:

1. Stars Die [5:06]
2. The Sky Moves Sideways (Phase One) [18:37]
3. Men Of Wood [3:34]
4. Waiting [4:27]
5. The Sound Of No-One Listening (2001 mix) [8:14]
6. Colourflow In Mind [3:50]
7. Fuse The Sky [4:33]
8. Signify II [6:05]
9. Every Home Is Wired [5:13]
10. Sever [5:30]
11. Dark Matter [8:12]



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