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Porcupine Tree - Lightbulb Sun (cd)

A 2016 reissue of Porcupine Tree's 2000 studio album.

Containing the original versions of PT classics such as Shesmovedon, Russia On Ice, Hatesong, and Feel So Low, plus string arrangements by Dave Gregory (XTC), Lightbulb Sun is the sound of a band confidently in control of its muse.

Presented in a Japanese-style sleevepac with a 16 page colour booklet featuring the album's lyrics and photography from John Foxx.


1. Lightbulb Sun [5:31]
2. How Is Your Life Today? [2:46]
3. Four Chords That Made A Million [3:36]
4. Shesmovedon [5:13]
5. Last Chance To Evacuate Planet Earth Before It Is Recycled [4:48]
6. The Rest Will Flow [3:14]
7. Hatesong [8:26]
8. Where We Would Be [4:12]
9. Russia On Ice [13:03]
10. Feel So Low [5:18]



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