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porcupine tree - stupid dream (cd/dvda digibook)

The Kscope edition of the long out of print 1999 studio album by Porcupine Tree.

The album contains PT classics such as Even Less, Pure Narcotic, Tinto Brass, and Stop Swimming, and has been lavishly revamped into a stunning CD/DVDA set.

Disc one contains a remix/remaster of the original stereo album, while disc two's DVDA contains a 5.1 surround sound remix of the album, as well as a 24 bit high resolution version of the stereo mix. Also included are 5.1 mixes of bonus tracks Ambulance Chasing and Even Less (the full length 14 minute version), the promo video for Piano Lessons, and a photo gallery.

The artwork has been completely redesigned and features exceptional new images by Lasse Hoile, and a beautiful digi-book package courtesy of Carl Glover.

A definitive version of one of the essential albums in the PT catalogue.

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