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Porcupine Tree - In Absentia (double black vinyl)

When released in September 2002, Porcupine Tree's 7th studio album, In Absentia, was their first for a major label (lava/warner) and the first to add a heavier sound to the band's already eclectic blend of influences (a sound that would be explored comprehensively throughout the ensuing decade).

Following classic vinyl editions of Fear Of A Blank Planet and The Incident, Tonefloat presents In Absentia in a beautiful, re-designed, package on 180 grams audiophile vinyl.

A regular edition is available on black vinyl (the special limited edition on marbled vinyl has sold out), housed in a special spot-varnished gatefold picture sleeve (designed by Carl Glover and using the original Lasse Hoile photography).

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01. blackest eyes
02. trains
03. lips of ashes
04. the sound of muzak
05. gravity eyelids
06. wedding nails
07. prodigal
08. .3
09. the creator has a mastertape
10. chloroform
11. heartattack in a layby
12. strip the soul
13. collapse the light into earth



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