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Phil Manzanera and Lucho Brieva - Corroncho 2 (cd)

The second album by Phil Manzanera and artist and sculptor Lucho Brieva, continues the adventures of the two Corronchos.

The Spanish speaking concept album tells the story of two hapless compadres from the Caribbean coast of Colombia - 'Corronchos' - who go on a road trip to 'the promised land', specifically Queens, in New York.

Mistakenly turning right instead of left from Cartagena on the Caribbean coast, the 13 tracks document their incident-strewn adventures, as they navigate through the countries and cultures of South America, shining a light in their irreverent and humorous way, on the many issues of the Latino man, Love, Death, Politics and Dancing.


Released to coincide with Phil Manzanera's 66th Birthday on 31st January 2017.

Comes with an exclusive signed Corroncho postcard.


1 Caballo Blanco
2 Arepa
3 Palo Santo
4 Tus Pies En El Verano
5 El Reencuentro
6 El Tango Infinito
7 Parasiempre
8 El Sol
9 Aguita Fresca
10 Aleluya
11 El Ray De Los Caminos
12 Bala De Plata
13 Volvi



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