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Phil Manzanera

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Phil Manzanera - Diamond Head - Collectors Edition (cd)

Phil Manzanera's 1975 debut album Diamond Head attained instant classic status with its imaginative blend of Art Rock, Latino, Psychedelic, Pop and Ambient influences.

Featuring an all-star cast including Brian Eno, Robert Wyatt, John Wetton, Eddie Jobson, Andy MacKay, and all of Manzanera's Quiet Sun companions, Diamond Head is a powerful and accessible album bursting with invention.

This new digi-pack edition features a booklet including period clippings, and has the surprisingly revealing 10 minute plus extra track, Corazon Y Alma.

Please note: these copies are NOT signed by Phil Manzanera


"Diamond Head displayed a dazzling array of styles (Latin, psychedelia, epic art-pop), and guest stars. One of the best albums of 1975." (Uncut)

"Full of passionate chops and shattering leads. One hell of a package." (Creem)

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1. Frontera (4:04)
2. Diamond Head (4:28)
3. Big Day (3:45)
4. The Flex (3:34)
5. Same Next Week (4:48)
6. Miss Shapiro (6:28)
7. East Of Echo (5:47)
8. Lagrima (2:36)
9. Alma (6:48)
10. Carhumba (4:48)
11. Corazon Y Alma (10.20)



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