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Henry Fool - Men Singing

Featuring five members of the live No-Man band plus Jarrod Gosling (I Monster) and Phil Manzanera (Roxy Music/801/Quiet Sun), Men Singing is the second album by Henry Fool, the project led by Tim Bowness and Stephen Bennett.

Available as a jewel case cd (please note, we have sold out of the limited vinyl miniature version) and a very limited edition heavyweight vinyl LP in gatefold cover with inserts, the album is mastered by Pink Floyd sound engineer, Andy Jackson.


'Drills wormholes into alternative universes that thrill, amaze and open up the mind.' - Sid Smith (Prog Magazine)

'The sheer amount of imagination on display on this record is a delight to behold.' - DPRP

'Men Singing gets a grand recommendation for fans of the space rock Porcupine Tree records and new millennium King Crimson and its related ProjeKcts.' - Stars Die.com

'Totally potty.' - Classic Rock (7/10 stars)

'It features loads of great dusty old stuff like Mellotrons, glockenspiels, flutes, Moogs and Phil Manzanera’s most angular guitar noises in years. Cool be damned this is hot.' - Total Music Magazine

'The four lengthy tracks on Men Singing manage to be steeped in English Prog and Psychedelic reference points without becoming waterlogged by any of them. Phil Manzanera, invited in to channel Quiet Sun on two tracks, slots smoothly into the work.' - Misfit City

'Likely to appeal to fans of mid-period Porcupine Tree as well as those intrigued by Steven Wilson‘s recent foray into jazz-rock. A strong second album and a radical departure for Tim Bowness.' - Mr Kinski's Music Shack

'One of the great instrumental chill-outs of the season.' - Lexington Herald Leader (Critic's Pick) / http://www.kentucky.com/2013/05/30/2658668/critics-pick-henry-fool-men-singing.html

'Breathtaking. A dynamic recording, a great happening.' - Legacy (Germany)

cd and vinyl bundle



1) Everyone In Sweden (13.53)
2) Man Singing (6.44)
3) My Favourite Zombie Dream (6.25)
4) Chic Hippo (13.24)



Side One:

1) Everyone In Sweden (13.53)
2) Man Singing (6.44)

Side Two:

1) My Favourite Zombie Dream (6.25)
2) Chic Hippo (13.24)


Album Sampler:


Everyone In Sweden (edit):

My Favourite Zombie Dream (edit):


Michael Bearpark - Guitar
Stephen Bennett - Keyboards
Andrew Booker - Drums
Tim Bowness - Guitar
Peter Chilvers - Bass
Myke Clifford - Saxophone, Flute
Jarrod Gosling - Keyboards, Glockenspiel

Phil Manzanera - Guitar (tracks 1 and 2)
Steve Bingham - Violin (track 4)



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